Sababa Security is an Italian cybersecurity provider of security products, training, and managed services to protect diverse IT and OT environments against cyber, physical, and cyber-physical threats.

Companies innovate – so does their security. To address the diverse security requirements of businesses across Energy, Manufacturing, Automotive, Finance, Retail, Government, Telecom, and other industries, we founded Sababa Security in 2019.

Our Solutions

#wemakeyoucybersafe by developing, scouting, combining security technologies, and delivering them alongside our security services across IT, Industrial (OT) and Automotive environments. Supported by the Security Operations Center and a team of certified security experts, we are ready to manage any security areas for you, boosting the effectiveness of the security solutions you already use.

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We operate though channel distribution. If you are ready to extend your solution portfolio, boost the effectiveness of the security you sell to your clients, and improve your role towards your customers, partner us right away!

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May 30, 2023
The Rising Trend of Phishing Kits: A New Breed of Cyber Attacks
Phishing strikes again, occupying third place in the ranking of the most used attack techniques in the world in 2022. A clear sign that we still […]
May 18, 2023
Hacking: Penetration Test on a PLC
Protecting an ICS environment, including PLCs, is not trivial, as these systems are not designed to be resilient to cyber attacks. This means that you have […]
May 16, 2023
The NIS 2 Directive: Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures in the European Union
The new European Directive, NIS 2, came into force on 17th January 2023, broadening the scope of application of the previous NIS and adopting a comprehensive […]

Stay aware of the recent cyber security news

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