All managed security 360

All managed security 360

When you focus all your efforts on reaching business goals, there can be no time and resources to take care of IT security. It is here, where you may be interested in finding a trusted partner, who can do it for you exactly like you need.

Our team of experts will manage all the security aspects for you, keeping your data protected and hunting for malicious activities, while you focus on business. Our monthly subscription allows you pay only for active users, easily changing the amount of users from month to month, if you are a season-dependent business.

Single subscription for Sababa Security 360 covers all cyber security aspects, including endpoint and email security, brand reputation protection and security awareness trainings for your employees. Due to SIEM integration, it also provides analysis of all security solution logs, including on premise and cloud services, and detects correlation between events to spot out malicious activity and perform fast remediation 24x7.

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