May 12, 2023

Designing a Secure Future: The Role of Cybersecurity Architects in Innovation

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) has developed the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF) to provide a common language and a standardised approach to describe […]
May 3, 2023

From Compliance to Culture: How Security Awareness Training Transforms Your Company’s Approach to Cybersecurity

Security Awareness among employees plays a crucial role in strengthening a company’s resilience to cyber threats. In many cases, employees are the weakest link in an […]
April 6, 2023

The Role of a Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist for Effective Cybersecurity

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become a top concern for organisations of all sizes and industries. The rise of cyber threats has created a need […]
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