Corporate security

Corporate security

Cyber threats grow in their number and complexity, making corporate security evolve either. As it can be resource consuming to address every possible vector of attack, you can choose to protect your organization against the most likely to happen threats at every security cycle stage.

So how to prioritize? Corporate infrastructure allows people to communicate through processing and exchanging data. Thus, endpoints and email are the main entry points for potential attackers. People are vulnerable elements of your corporate network too, as more than half of security breaches happen because of employees’ negligence.

Sababa Corporate Security offers more than traditional security solutions and does not require IT professionals to manage it. Real-time protection with vulnerability assessment guarantees your corporate devices are resistant to cyber threats, even when out of corporate network. Managing endpoint security is easy through high automation of tasks – from event classification to forensic capabilities. In addition to corporate email protection against spam, malware, phishing and fraud, Sababa Corporate Security checks your domain reputation and blocks any fraudulent activity, damaging your brand. At the same time it softly upskills your employees to recognize social engineering attack attempts and more. Manage Sababa Corporate Security solutions either on premise or in the cloud.

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