Sababa Awareness

Sababa Awareness

Make employees your strongest cyber defense

Sababa Awareness is a training program for companies, that do not want their business success depend on human errors like clicking a phishing link or using a weak password. Developed featuring psychologists, the program softly improves employees’ cyber security skill during the year, allowing easily track their progress and report on results.

Fits any entry level

Sababa Awareness is an adaptive learning platform featuring machine learning technologies. It recognizes cyber security awareness level of every employee and adapts the program, focusing on individual areas of improvement.

Continuous skill evaluation

It simulates regular phishing and social engineering attacks throughout the year, using samples of real attacks targeting your company. It also teaches your employees to create and use complex passwords, properly process sensitive personal data, recognize fraudulent emails and links as well as upgrades other cyber security skills.

Convenient business tool

It provides detailed reports on employee’s progress and constantly adjusts next training steps with more focus on practical tasks, minimizing employees’ distraction from work. Detects and responds client-side vulnerabilities.

Sababa Awareness is available in 3 tiers, so you can choose the awareness campaign frequency, service management conditions and additional workshops for key teams on security awareness and incident communication.

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