Sababa Automotive Security

Digitalisation has recently accelerated and technological progress is also radically transforming the automotive industry: in 2023 global connected vehicles are expected to increase by 134%, from 330M in 2018 to 775M. 

Connectivity is therefore key to the mobility of the future. While features such as adaptive cruise control, navigation and keyless entry systems do enhance the driving experience, they also pose significant cybersecurity risks. These could range from unauthorised access to vehicle data, theft of personal information, and even the ability to remotely control a vehicle and cause it to malfunction, thus jeopardising the safety of passengers and other road users.

Being automotive cybersecurity a complex and multifaceted issue that extends beyond just the cars  themselves, the industry is developing guidelines – such as UNECE R155-156, ISO/SAE 21434 and IEC 62443 – for the entire supply chain, aimed at integrating security features throughout the entire vehicle development cycle, from concept and design to implementation, testing, and production. 

Sababa Automotive Security portfolio tackles the evolving cybersecurity issues, helping OEMs, tier suppliers and aftermarket players to comply with the regulations, ensuring cyber safe vehicle production, data management, update distribution and timely threat mitigation.

  • AUTOMOTIVE PENETRATION TESTING on vehicles, their systems and components, V2V and V2I communications, production sites and backend to detect, verify and prioritise discoveries, as well as build up a security gap elimination strategy
  • AUTOMOTIVE ANALYSIS OF COMPROMISE. In-depth data analysis for efficient detection, response and investigation of cyberattack attempts, helping OEMs to fulfil the requirements of the current regulations
  • AUTOMOTIVE SECURITY CONSULTING. Consultancy in both OT/ICS and Automotive cybersecurity to ensure that production lines, vehicles and individual ECUs are cyber safe throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle, complying with IEC 62443
  • AUTOMOTIVE ASSESSMENT & COMPLIANCE. Automotive framework audit by a team of automotive pentesters against the IEC62443, ISO/SAE21434, UNECE R155-156 and other compliance standards
  • AUTOMOTIVE TRAINING. A set of training programs on general and advanced automotive cybersecurity for technicians and automotive enterprise users 
  • AUTOMOTIVE TESTBED. Automotive cyber range inside a practical suitcase with key functions of a real car aimed at training automotive penetration testers on the activity required by the UNECE R155 and R156 regulations, as well as testing new V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) communication protocols
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