mayo 12, 2020

Phishing attacks targeting companies

There is something in common between cyber-attacks targeting companies. Most of them start silently with a carefully crafted spear phishing email. Though the messages look quite […]
mayo 6, 2020

Manipulation of human emotions is key for a phishing attack success

“Congratulations! You have just won 30 million euros – follow the link to grab it!”, said the message I received last week. Honestly, it was too […]
abril 20, 2020

How to keep your smart workers cyber safe

Many companies didn’t plan to move their employees to work from home. It may be challenging both for smart workers and for those who must ensure […]
abril 9, 2020

Turn your weakest link into your strongest defense

It may be challenging to orchestrate corporate cyber security, when most of your employees suddenly switch to remote work. The total lockdown makes people work from […]
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