Expert services

Expert services

One of IT security goals is to build up effective measures to prevent security incidents and stand against cyber attacks, ensuring business continuity, client data protection and compliance. Still about 100 thousand of non-compliance to GPDR cases were registered in Europe between May 2018 and February 2019.

To make your IT security as efficient as possible, you need to take care of every existing vector of attack and ensure the security is well adjusted. How can you discover all potential entry points to the corporate network?

There is no need to wait until a real cyber attack takes place to gain an insight into cybersecurity of your corporate network assets, OT and industrial processes, communications, IoT platforms and more as well as check, how strong and efficient your current security policies are. With Sababa Expert Services, you are able to assess corporate software, hardware and communications across multiple threat modeling scenarios and conduct penetration testing on behalf of various intruder types according to international pentest standards.

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