Sababa Incident Response

Sababa Incident Response

Security incidents happen. In order to overcome the incident as quickly as possible with minimal impact on business activity, you’d better have an emergency plan prepared in advance.

Sababa Incident Response is a complex of measures aimed to restore normal client service operation disrupted by a cyber security incident. They are based on the NIST guidelines and include detailed operational procedures supporting the security teams in dealing with different types of security incidents.

Sababa Incident Response includes 4 main phases:

  • Preparation stage, when Sababa experts collect information about the network to be able to promptly react in case of the incident.
  • Detection and analysis stage, aimed to identify the actual and potential effects of the incidents to assign priorities based on the incident severity.
  • Incident containment, eradication and recovery actions.
  • Post-incident activity, including incident investigation, forensic analysis and a “lesson learned” meeting.

Sababa Incident Response is also available for companies that have just come across a cyber security incident and need urgent help with the containment and recovery.

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