Sababa Security Assessment

Sababa Security Assessment

Uncover existing security gaps and mitigate the risks

Deep dive into your corporate network and software and be the first to discover, prioritize and fix any existing vulnerabilities. Sababa Security Assessment is a cybersecurity audit service to identify existing or potential security gaps across your assets and infrastructure and mitigate the risks.

See it all

Gain visibility into vulnerabilities in hardware and software code and their architectures, based on different threat modeling scenarios. Uncover existing infrastructure security flaws and other gaps across your IT and OT networks, communications, connected transport and IoT platforms.

Adjust your security strategy

Sababa experts provide you with business summary, technical report and recommendations on vulnerability prioritization and risk mitigation. The service is available as a one-off project or as a regular activity.

Sababa Security

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"Automotive Cybersecurity: Hacking IOT Systems from Remote"