What we do

Corporate Security Solutions: we provide best in class cyber security solutions to protect your digital assets. With our solutions we can ensure your brand reputation, enhance security of your endpoints, email and cloud services and increase security awareness skills of your organization

Security Management as a service: with our Sababa SOC you can offload all the security operations to our experts online for you 24x7 in multiple languages. We can also boost your cybersecurity strategy with our virtual CISO service

Vertical Solutions: whatever industry you are playing in, we have multiple solutions for specific verticals, from online streaming anti piracy to tailored solutions for critical infrastructures and financial organizations

Sababa 360: with one single monthly subscription our team of experts will manage all the security aspects of your corporate network, keep your data protected and hunt for malicious activities while you focus on business

Expert Services: with an international team of security analysts, threat hunters and pentesters we provide security assessment and penetration testing for complex systems, including IoT devices, critical infrastructures and connected vehicles

Sababa Innovation Program: we analyze your cybersecurity challenges, scout the market for the solutions that best fit your needs, help you in testing and scoring them and support the technology integration process to innovate your business

About our company

Sababa Security is based in Milan and explores the market, helping its customers find cybersecurity solutions for their individual needs, both in corporate protection and in security applied to specific fields, like media streaming, critical infrastructures, IoT and others.