Maggio 30, 2023

The Rising Trend of Phishing Kits: A New Breed of Cyber Attacks

Phishing strikes again, occupying third place in the ranking of the most used attack techniques in the world in 2022. A clear sign that we still […]
Marzo 24, 2023

Hacking: finding SCADA in the network using Google Dorks

It is estimated that Google has stored more pages than any other search engine in the world. With more than billions of pages and a relatively […]
Marzo 8, 2023

The Cyber Law Expert: The Importance of a Cyber Legal, Policy, and Compliance Officer in Today’s Business Environment

Cybersecurity is gradually becoming more complex, which leads to an increase in responsibilities and, therefore, cybersecurity functions in organisations. Recently, the European Union Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) […]
Febbraio 8, 2023

Differences between IT and OT

For those coming from IT, securing ICS systems can be frustrating at the beginning. This is because the technologies used and the ways of working are […]
Aprile 21, 2022

Why gamification is ideal for cybersecurity awareness training

The human or insider factor accounts for a staggering number of data breaches across the globe. Human error, negligence, or malfeasance is one of the top […]
Luglio 28, 2020

SIGRed: a 17-Year-Old Bug in Windows DNS Servers

On July 14, Microsoft warned about a 17-year-old bug in Windows DNS server. It was scored 10 on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), that is […]
Febbraio 19, 2020

The future of security: “Attention, the market will change”

So many people working from home these days illustrate how deep smart working has taken root in our lives. The world is changing. So is the approach […]
Febbraio 10, 2020

Sababa Security is bringing cyber security to large companies and SMBs

Enjoy one more article from TechCompany360 about the way Sababa Security simplifies the security management and transforms the understanding of cyber security to fit the needs of SMBs alongside […]
Febbraio 8, 2020

From emergency to consulting: the evolution of IT security

La Repubblica – one of the main Italian newspapers – has recently issued an article about Sababa Security – the company, that combines advanced cyber security solutions with […]
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