Dicembre 29, 2021


Starting from Spring 2021, Sababa Security has decided to take part in the Cybersecurity Awareness Calendar initiative promoted by ECSO – the European Cyber Security Organisation, […]
Ottobre 1, 2020

5 Steps to Start Addressing Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial cybersecurity has always been challenging. However, the pandemic we are facing in 2020 made it even more complicated. According to the recent report from the […]
Settembre 8, 2020

A cryptocurrency firm gets attacked through its sysadmin

Phishing attacks often target non-IT employees because they are believed to be easier to fool. Nevertheless, IT specialists can also become victims of cyber criminals. Lazarus […]
Agosto 31, 2020

Too expensive tea in Ritz featuring scammers

Several visitors of the Ritz restaurant in London became victims of scammers, who squeezed their bank card details. The incidents happened after the clients made order […]
Agosto 20, 2020

SANS Institute is under a phishing attack

SANS Institute, a cooperative research and education organization, that trains cyber security specialists, fell victim of a phishing attack. As a result, about 28 000 personal […]
Aprile 20, 2020

How to keep your smart workers cyber safe

Many companies didn’t plan to move their employees to work from home. It may be challenging both for smart workers and for those who must ensure […]
Aprile 9, 2020

Turn your weakest link into your strongest defense

It may be challenging to orchestrate corporate cyber security, when most of your employees suddenly switch to remote work. The total lockdown makes people work from […]
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