Luglio 21, 2020

We are hiring!

Sababa Security is growing, so we are hiring people! We are looking for Security Analyst in Genova (alternatively Milan or Verona) Sales Manager in Milan (alternatively […]
Maggio 21, 2020

Meeting the growing interest to security awareness

The pandemic pushed business activities online, demonstrating the importance of cyber security skills for any team inside an organization. If you are a cyber security reseller, integrator […]
Aprile 23, 2020

Register as our partner and get a discount

Spam, mass mailing, viruses, spyware, scamware as well as phishing, ransomware, and CEO fraud form about 98% of the emails sent to the corporate servers. The […]
Aprile 2, 2020

Welcome partners!

Being a cyber security vendor, we always supply Sababa products and managed services through channel. We welcome resellers, integrators and MSPs inside and outside Italy to […]
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