21 июля, 2020

We are hiring!

Sababa Security is growing, so we are hiring people! We are looking for Security Analyst in Genova (alternatively Milan or Verona) Sales Manager in Milan (alternatively […]
21 мая, 2020

Meeting the growing interest to security awareness

The pandemic pushed business activities online, demonstrating the importance of cyber security skills for any team inside an organization. If you are a cyber security reseller, integrator […]
23 апреля, 2020

Register as our partner and get a discount

Spam, mass mailing, viruses, spyware, scamware as well as phishing, ransomware, and CEO fraud form about 98% of the emails sent to the corporate servers. The […]
2 апреля, 2020

Welcome partners!

Being a cyber security vendor, we always supply Sababa products and managed services through channel. We welcome resellers, integrators and MSPs inside and outside Italy to […]
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