Email Guardian

Email Guardian

More than an antispam solution

Email is the main means for communication and data transfer between users and companies. Sababa Email Guardian scans both incoming and outcoming traffic and protects your corporate network against spam, malware and cyber attacks.

Ensure secure email traffic

On top of protection against spam, social engineering attacks, scamware and mass mailing, recognizes any-language phishing attacks, blocks droppers for ransomware and prevents viruses, Trojans, warms and other malware from penetrating corporate networks. It scans email attachments in a sandbox with just a 2-second delay. Alongside a dedicated anti-ransomware engine it detects even sophisticated attacks like WannaCry without frequent updates required. It also blocks CEO fraud attempts, when attackers spoof email streams and tamper requests to employees on behalf of their CEOs. Due to strong integration with Virus Total and embedded forensic tools, it additionally analyzes and investigates the attacks.

Prevent data leakage

It automatically encrypts all traffic via TLS. When your employees send confidential corporate data out the organization without a proper permission, DLP Filter automatically detects it.

Guard your brand domain reputation

In case anyone creates a fake domain, looking similar to yours, Sababa Email Guardian recognizes and automatically blocks it, protecting your organization and clients against fraud.

Simple and light

Being cloud-based, it takes only 30 minutes to set up and run and saves communication bandwidth. It is licensed by the number of users to ensure protection across all email boxes in the company, including shared outside the organization. In case you cannot receive email due to any problems with your file server, firewall or routers, it saves your emails in AEC256 encrypted file system during 5 days and carefully delivers them to you, when your system is running again without exhausting your Internet connection bandwidth.