Sababa Security and Kaspersky diagnose cyber incidents for free

Sababa Security and Kaspersky diagnose cyber incidents for free

Have you been hit by a cyber security incident or noticed suspicious behavior on your organization's network?

Sababa Security in partnership with Kaspersky and by leveraging on some of their technologies and intelligence capabilities will help you contain a cyber-attack and bring your business back to work. Our team is ready to conduct a free initial incident evaluation to check if your network is compromised and prepare a remediation plan to isolate the threat and prevent its further spread. Our professionals gain practical experience across diverse IT environments to help companies of any size and verticals.

When is it time to worry?

Any of the following "symptoms" can be signs of a cyber-attack going on:

  • unauthorized configuration changes
  • unusual behavior of highly privileged accounts
  • unknown or unusual file names
  • suspicious content or out-of-the-ordinary e-mails
  • brute force attempts
  • above average or unexpected network traffic
  • changes in application or system file executables
  • warning from security systems (IDS / IPS, EDR, SIEM, etc.)
  • host or BSOD reboots
  • unauthorized use of the corporate system

If you notice suspicious behavior on your organization's network, that your colleagues, users, or suppliers are unable to explain – sound the alarm.

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