Security management as a service

Security management as a service

Corporate security management is getting harder, requiring time-consuming and complex analytics skills for early attack sign detection. 90% of CISOs have issues with finding threat hunters and SOC analysts, as they are rare, expensive and difficult to retain.

At the same time IT function in general is transforming from being mainly supportive to more strategic, identifying the lack of experts for IT leading roles and big project mentoring.

All these challenges can be loaded off your IT team. Sababa SOC experts can handle corporate security management for you on working hours or 24x7, additionally discovering correlations between the events reported by your endpoint and email security solutions. They can also conduct dedicated campaigns to boost the ability of your employees to recognize social engineering attacks and increase their general cybersecurity awareness.

You can also leverage from outsourcing a Virtual CISO, who can both guide small IT teams and mentor big projects. With at least 5 years of experience in information security management, he will help your IT team to set up right goals, choose the most appealing IT security strategy, overcome arising challenges and track progress.

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