Sababa CISO

Sababa CISO

Enterprise-level IT Security leadership when you need it

Whether you are a growing company or undergo a process of digital transformation, you may need guidance from a mature IT Security leader. With Sababa Virtual CISO you can leverage from support of an experienced CISO without hiring him for a full-time position.

Guidance for small IT teams

Sababa Virtual CISO can lead small or young IT teams during particular projects or on a regular basis. With at least 5 years of experience as a CISO, he can help your IT team to review the plans, set up the right goals and support it on the way to the project success.

Big projects mentoring

Even if your IT team is mature, you may need a consulting or a second opinion to conduct secure implementation of a new technology, adjust cyber security strategy, or justify an IT project in from of top management.

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"Extending Security into the Airspace"