Sababa SOC

Sababa SOC

Advanced security management without having to keep an internal SOC team

Security management includes multiple aspects, requiring extensive security management skills and a dedicated Security Operation Center. All Sababa Corporate Security solutions and more can be managed by Sababa SOC team, allowing your IT teams focus on other tasks.

Improved protection

Sababa SOC team analyzes big data from email and endpoints for correlations and discovers early signs of suspicious activity, providing advanced security level for corporate environment.

Outsource the security awareness training too

Sababa experts can also conduct security awareness campaigns for your employees, upskilling them on a regular basis throughout a year.

IT & OT security management

Sababa SOC team can combine security management for IT and industrial networks, taking into account different security requirements to these environments. It helps detecting anomalies and early signs of cyber attacks without overstretching your IT team resources.

Flexible terms and conditions

Sababa experts notify you about cybersecurity incidents, like domain frauds, spam and phishing attacks, working for you 8x5 or 24x7.

Sababa Security

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