Technology is extending deeper into businesses of various sizes and verticals, impacting their network structures and therefore security requirements. Corporate IT networks interconnect with OT networks, due to development and implementation of IoT technologies into industrial processes across Energy, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Automotive, Manufacturing, and other verticals. On the other hand, the borders of IT networks blur impacted by the working style disruption, introduced a while ago and enforced by the pandemic 2020. Companies re-invent the way they work, allowing remote connection from home and public places.

Security threats turn out to be as diverse as the companies’ networks. In addition to cyber threats like phishing, software vulnerabilities and APTs, businesses require protection against physical and cyber-physical threats, that range from piggybacking to drone intrusion.

This network structure diversity multiplied by various attack vectors leads to authentic security requirements for every company. Therefore, we develop, scout, and combine security technologies by the best technology vendors to address their authentic security requirements.

Security is a process, where every stage should be considered to ensure cyber safety to an IT or OT network of any size.

1. Conduct security diagnostics to see through existing problems, identify reals needs, set objectives, and plan budgets wisely
2. Find security technologies that fit the needs of your authentic IT or OT environment
3. Manage security through constant monitoring and project governance to stay cyber safe even against complex threats
4. Use security training to upskill IT and OT security professionals, non-IT teams, and C-level executive

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