Security Audit

Multiple factors impact enterprise cyber security. Industry 4.0 introduces its challenges to industrial companies by interconnecting OT environments with their corporate networks. Compliance standards grow – only in Italy companies were fined for 11.5 million euros for GDPR violation. 2020 brought the pandemic, that made businesses re-invent the way they work.

Whether your company is growing, adapts to external disruption factors, or just tries out new business models, it must be cyber safe. The change may or may not require new security technologies on top of those you already use, but it may demand cyber security diagnostics to identify, estimate and prioritize your security risks.

Sababa security diagnostics services help enterprises apply proper approach to cyber security, so they can

See through their existing security gaps, prioritise the objectives and wisely plan the budgets
Evaluate the state of the current security measures
Check and get evidence of any past or ongoing cyber-attacks, including information about the leaked data or illicit actions of employees
Scout for security technologies and solutions that fit their real security needs
Back up your company for the case of a cyber-attack, sensitive data leakage or other security breach and minimize its potential damage

Sababa security diagnostics services include:

Sababa Security Assessment that provides comprehensive diagnostics of cyber, physical, and cyber-physical security risks across IT and OT environments.

Sababa Penetration Testing that evaluates the security mechanisms of the networks, applications, and other areas, so you do not have to wait for a real cyber-attack to check their efficiency.

Sababa Threat Intelligence that detects leaked corporate data and credentials across Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Dark Web sources for further investigation and mitigation.

Sababa Scout that helps companies to save time and efforts to gain security solutions that fit their needs – even if the required technologies do not exist on the market or are difficult to find.

Sababa Incident Response that helps you build up a cyber security emergency plan and prepare different teams across your company to promptly react and properly communicate security incidents any time of the day or at night.

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