Sababa Threat Intelligence

Sensitive data often lacks proper security and can be exposed to data breaches. Therefore, it makes sense to check, whether your company’s data is leaked and timely recognize a cyber-attack to mitigate it as soon as possible.

Detect the leaked data
Sababa Threat Intelligence helps to detect the leaked credentials and other sensitive data with the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). It scans social networks, IRC servers, specialized forums, and Dark Web to check corporate and individual profiles, business reports, press releases, images, videos, specific files posted on the web through blogs or for sale to detect any exfiltrated or stolen information and credentials, indicators and TTPs, possible threats, information gathering evidence and APT activities in progress.

The OSINT investigation is available in different amount based on the project objectives. All solutions include detailed reports with the overview of the used methods, sources, and the reliability level of the collected information.

Basic investigation provides a quick feedback on spreading news on the web and a snapshot of specific trends and opinions
Extended investigation gives a more in-depth feedback as it includes research on the IRC channels, Dark web and international marketplaces in English and Italian
Advanced investigation Includes all sources of the extended package and the search in 1 additional foreign language, chosen by the customer
Deep investigation Includes all the sources of the extended package and the search in 2 additional languages of the customer’s choice

Track the digital footprint
Sababa Threat Intelligence also provides a specific tool to confirm the evidence of suspicious activities by employees as well as the real-time analysis of the user online interactions for the immediate feedback on the scheduled events or situations that require very short reaction times.

Immediate domain check for the leaked credentials
Corporate email addresses can live for years with the same credentials. It can be difficult to check, if some of your employees have their corporate email credentials compromised. Once leaked, email address credentials can be used as easy entry points to the corporate networks. Spend less than 1 hour to check whether your corporate credentials are leaked by simply submitting your domain name. 

Free audit of your CORPORATE DOMAIN

to discover leaked credentials

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