Security Implementation

Purchasing a security technology is only one half of the deal. To work effectively it should be properly implemented into the enterprise IT or OT environment and carefully configured according to the local and international security standards, relevant to your business vertical. Moreover, whether you want it or not, you should think of potential security incidents that can happen despite all security technologies being in place.
With Sababa Security Implementation solutions you can

• Ensure both current and new security technologies and products are carefully integrated into your corporate environment and are ready work as effectively as they can
• Build and maintain policies and procedures to regulate and force the use of technologies
• Back up your company for the case of a cyber-attack, sensitive data leakage or other security breach and minimize its potential damage

The set of Sababa solutions includes:

Sababa Security Implementation that allows to implement and configure standalone security technologies and ready solutions into your network according to compliance standards

Sababa Incident Response that helps you build up a cyber security emergency plan and prepare different teams across your company to promptly react and properly communicate security incidents any time of the day or at night

Sababa Security