Security monitoring

Cybersecurity is not something you set up once and forget. Instead, you need to manage it, while it can be difficult to do. Why? An average company may have several security technologies like endpoint protection, firewall, proxy and others properly configured and running. All those solutions are policy-based, that means they block what is 100% malicious and allow what is safe. You can tune up your security policies to be more strict or less severe to avoid false positives, but for sure there is an area out of your site – the yellow zone. The yellow zone is the blind area of your corporate network, therefore, it requires somebody to monitor it on a regular basis.
Additionally, corporate security management is getting harder, requiring time-consuming and complex analytics skills for early attack sign detection. 90% of CISOs have issues with finding threat hunters and SOC analysts, as they are rare, expensive, and difficult to retain.

Sababa security management solutions
• Provide advanced endpoint security fully managed by SOC expert team
• Boost the effectiveness of the security solutions you or your customers already have in place
• Let you leverage from the Security Operation Center (SOC) with over 10 years of international experience
• Govern your IT security teams and projects

Sababa security management solutions include:

Sababa MDR
that provides endpoint detection and response capabilities managed by Sababa SOC experts

Sababa 360 – our flagman solution – that constantly monitors your or your customer’s IT and OT security event logs, analyzing them for anomalies and detecting even complex cyber-attacks at their early stages

Sababa SOC that provides a full range of SOC technologies, threat intelligence and expertise for security monitoring and threat hunting

Sababa Virtual CISO that provides and experienced CISO services to lead an IT/OT security team and govern security projects

Sababa Security