Sababa 360

Most probably, you know the game called Jenga. It looks like a compact tower in the beginning of the game, so you can clearly see its structure and define its perimeter. Step by step the bricks move up and the Jenga tower becomes more complex and less stable.
This is exactly how a corporate infrastructure looks like. While it grows, it undergoes some changes and improvements, that are introduced by digital transformation aimed process automation, getting more useful data, and in general making the work safer and more efficient.
But at the same time companies increase complexity by transforming their infrastructures. They add security layers, stretch internal security management resources, and therefore destabilize their infrastructures. In this situation even a minor mistake can lead to a disaster.

Sababa 360 helps you structuring your security, and boosting its efficiency:
• Make your or your customer’s security solutions as effectively as they can
• Constant security monitoring by Sababa SOC expert team
• Equally efficient for IT and OT environments

Make your security solutions work at their best
Sababa SOC security analysts collect information on security events from the firewall, Active Directory, proxy, endpoint protection products, databases, servers, client workstations and other security solutions used in the company. They collect and analyze data for anomalies to reveal an evidence of any suspicious activity, recognizing and blocking cyber-attacks on their early stages.

Operating 24×7
Sababa 360 takes on board any security solutions used inside the company, improving their effectiveness, and increasing the ROI due to constant security monitoring. You only pay for the number of active users.

Fast implementation
It takes less than three weeks to activate the full power of Sababa 360 with the minimal impact on the network due to a set of dedicated tools and a SOC implementation methodology, designed based on ITIL and CoBIT International standards

SIEM included
The service includes the licensing, implementation, and maintenance of our SIEM (Security Information Event Management) system that collects, encrypts, compresses, and transfers the events to Sababa SOC in real time.

Sababa Security