Sababa MDR

A complex cyber-attack needs days or even weeks of preparation before stopping your business and killing your company’s reputation. During this time, the attacker leaves small traces, that are difficult to identify and block with automated solutions.
Sababa Managed Detection and Response or Sababa MDR combines the most advanced detection and response tools as well as automation technologies, with 24×7 monitoring of suspicious activity to shutdown any tentative of breach at early stage.

• Ideal solution for smaller enterprises, that need protection even against complex cyber threats, but do not have resources to keep security management professionals internally
• Guarantees 99.9% of accuracy with known and 99.65% with unknown malware detection
• Managed by SOC expert team with over 10 years of international experience

Advanced endpoint protection
Sababa MDR provides the endpoint with a more detailed isolation policy, enabling more accurate search and destroy and sustainable detection capabilities. It also slows faster processing including prevention, defense, detection and response. It is constructed through cloud linkage and coordination, threat information sharing and multi-level response mechanisms. Advanced threat response is immediate, providing users with assistance dealing with any endpoint security problems by its new, lightweight, intelligent, and instantaneous endpoint security system.

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Sababa MDR

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