Sababa Virtual CISO

Digital transformation empowered the business with new opportunities for companies: leaner and more agile organizations, as well as new products. At the same time, cyber incidents increased in number and severity and are now considered the top risk for business. The role of IT is changing: from a supporting function to a transformation driver. This requires a more strategical approach to cybersecurity, focusing the attention on ensuring risks mitigation to achieve business goals.

To develop and lead a consistent cybersecurity strategy, organizations can introduce a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role. However, hiring and retaining a CISO is proving to be challenging for organizations. We are witnessing a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals, which is resulting in a 36% of cybersecurity executive positions.

Sababa Virtual CISO temporarily assign to your organization a CISO with 5+ years of experience in the role. He will lead your information security to help achieving business goals, acting in the exclusive interest of your organization. Sababa Virtual CISO ensure your company can:

  • Reduce overall risk exposure, improving current and future cybersecurity investments
  • Adapt to ever changing business requirements and needs, based on the actual maturity level
  • Lead internal security teams, advocate security within senior executives, board members and non-technical teams, keep track of the results
  • Save time and costs on the recruiting and retaining a C-level cybersecurity expert


At the beginning of the service, the Virtual CISO evaluates the organization’s current security posture, evaluating the precedent activities and conducting new assessment against ISO27001, NIST, National Cybersecurity Framework, NERC CIP or other security standards. Once the current security situation is clear, the Virtual CISO defines the target security level and builds up an initial roadmap of security projects and activities.


Once the organization is onboarded, the Virtual CISO analyses the information, identify gaps between the current and the target security levels and the necessary corrective actions. These are prioritised and structured as a 12-, 24- or 36-month roadmap. The roadmap guides the activity and is regularly reviewed during the project for timely adjustments and updates.


After the analysis phase, the Virtual CISO acts as a full-scale corporate CISO, taking care of the execution of the roadmap. If there is a similar role inside the organization, the Virtual CISO acts as the second opinion to support the current information security management in more efficient execution.


The Virtual CISO organises periodical reviews with the client to report on the roadmap execution progress, critical issues and updates, improvements and new projects consistent with the scope of the activities.

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