Security technologies

Security technology is fundamental. Diverse corporate and industrial infrastructures require security customized for the needs of their IT and OT networks. Therefore, we develop, scout, and combine security technologies that fit your security requirements, help meeting your business objectives, and provide unified visibility across different parts of your environment.
Sababa security solutions are empowered by our technological partners and protect corporate environments and industrial infrastructures against cyber and cyber-physical threats:

• Ensure safe web browsing without impacting user experience;
• Overview traffic going through DNS and block new malware not yet recognized by antispam, firewall and proxies;
• Test suspicious objects in cyber safe sandboxing environment;
• Protect critical infrastructure, private property, and other objects against unauthorized intrusion of civil drones.

Sababa security technologies are represented by the following solutions:

Sababa Browser Isolation that blocks 100% of the internet threats by executing web content in remote isolated containers.

Sababa Secure DNS that checks and classifies domain queries, blocking access to malicious sites and restricting access to newly created domains, that 22% of them turn out to be used by cyber criminals.

Sababa Sandbox that is based on an agentless hypervisor invisible for malware, both very fast and scalable for the companies of different sizes and maturity.

Sababa Fly Zone Defender that detects drones, including those controlled with radio systems or even with the pre-set routes that work without generating any signals.

Sababa Security