Sababa Fly Zone Security

Drones are widely used and not always for good. Attacks on critical infrastructures, spying on private objects, unauthorized video recording at public events can harm enterprises, brands, individuals, and environment. Sababa Fly Zone Security provides cyber-physical protection against civil drones, properly blocking the intrusion.

In line with the local legislation
Radio signal jamming systems are prohibited in Italy and throughout the European Union, so we use only the passive drone detection there. However, in other territories the active jamming can be activated.

Landing the drone will not help
Modern drones transfer images and videos to the pilot in real time, so landing the drone or taking it out of the area would only alert the pilot, who can then leave quickly with the captured images.

Track both the drone and the pilot
Choose the solution that detects the drone and the pilot positions with automatic alerts to engage their physical security and the police to contain the threat.

Sababa Fly Zone Security comes in 3 tiers – both for rent and for sale.

• Equipped to detect DJI drones, that form 99% of drones used in espionage operations and 92% of the drone market in general
• Can be rented for the government sites, airports, and multinational companies
• Fast and easy to activate

Expert and Ultimate
• Antidrone systems ready for sale
• Detect both the drones controlled with radio systems and those with pre-set routes that work without generating any signals
• Detect and classify drones within 5 km 

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Sababa Fly Zone Security

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