Sababa Scout

Security technology is fundamental. Diverse corporate and industrial infrastructures require security customized for their individual IT and OT networks. However, their security needs can be so authentic, that there can be no ready solution on the market, or it can be difficult to find.

Sababa Scout brings you exactly the security solution you are looking for, even if you do not have clear requirements for the desired security solution. We help to define the objectives, technical requirements, and find the perfect match among big, small and start up security vendors. After the technical assessment of the discovered technologies, we provide the customer with the short list of solutions fitting the requirements. When the solution is chosen, we help the customer to conduct a POC, test and implement it into his network.

Sababa Scout takes care of the project throughout the way to deliver the end-to-end security solution, so the client can:
• Save time and resources to look for and validate the solution;
• Gain support at every stage of the solution integration into the network;
• Implement the tailored security solution covering his authentic security needs.

Sababa Scout includes the following steps:

Identify the security solution requirements.
We make audit of your infrastructure and help you to identify your needs and define technical requirements of the future solution.

Scout for innovations.
We search for suitable technologies via open calls and tech scouting across the globe and provide the solution long list after the candidate technical assessment.

Validate the PoC.
We validate the candidates from the short list across business and technical parameters to choose the best fitting solution.

Test the solution.
We help conducting pilot testing in the client’s environment.

Integrate into infrastructure.
Finally, we support you during the solution integration into your network.

Sababa Security