Sababa Secure DNS

More than 91% of all malware uses DNS (domain name system) to communicate with your server, to steal data or redirect traffic to malicious sites. Today, the dangers are very often hidden in innocent applications, documents, and websites, invisible to firewalls and other security solutions.

Security through DNS protects you against new threats that your current antispam, firewall and proxies are not yet aware of. Sababa Secure DNS overviews the outgoing traffic through DNS, checks the domain reputation, and blocks malicious domains. There are no infrastructure changes needed to install the service, that is compatible with any endpoint solution.

• Newly seen domains (domains that were seen for the first time in the previous 24h) are automatically blocked, because more than 22% of all new created domains will be used for Malware, Phishing, Ransomware. After 24 hours they will be removed from that category. • No downtime, service interruption, or server reboots are needed. The implementation can be done in less than 15 minutes. The service will work straight away. • To keep track of your performance, we provide you with a real-time dashboard and a detailed report on what has been blocked. The reporting and alerting system can be customized.

Domain categorization
All known malicious domains are actively blocked as most of the phishing and ransomware domains have a low lifetime. If a user browses to a domain that has been blocked, they will be presented with a default blocking page. If the domain is whitelisted or if it is not known as “bad” the user will be able to access the domain.

Blocks the traffic that is bypassing the proxy
By blocking through DNS, we are not only blocking the web traffic that should go through your web proxies, but also the traffic that is bypassing the proxy. Sababa Secure DNS service works with any IT, network, or security setup within your corporation.

Multiple sources of expertise
Sababa Secure DNS receives feeds from more than 40 databases that gives information on which domain should be whitelisted or blacklisted. The database gathers information from the honeypots, sensors, security feeds and other sources on the internet.

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