Security training

Companies spend significant resources on cyber security technologies and their management. According to IDC, spending on security hardware, software, and services in Europe were expected to reach $27.3 billion in 2019, an increase of 8.3% over 2018. However, even an accidently opened phishing attachment, or a missing software patch can discredit all the efforts by triggering cyber security breaches. It means that cyber security requires contribution from every user across the organization on top of cyber security technologies to ensure efficient protection for enterprises.
Sababa security training is aimed to fight human errors and upskill employees in cyber security. The training portfolio includes programs for any kind of employees inside an organization, with no regard to what teams they are working for, or what background in cyber security they have:

non-IT teams, including accountant, marketing and SMM, sales, legal and HR, who are the most common targets of phishing attacks, as they often lack proper knowledge in basic cyber security
C-level managers, that are the most frequent targets of cyber-attackers, aiming to abuse both companies and individuals
IT and OT security professionals, who need to keep pace with the constantly evolving cyber-attack techniques and methods to withstand them

We have a range of online and offline training for every team in your company.

Sababa Awareness
– online training platform with multiple customizable modules to develop useful skills and daily cyber security habits among non-IT teams

Sababa Advanced Security Training is a selection of advanced learning programs. Being customisable to the client’s objectives and capabilities, they help organisations develop the skills of their cybersecurity professionals.

Sababa Security