Sababa Advanced Security Training

Cyber security develops fast. So should your IT and OT security professionals, including security engineers, threat hunters, incident response teams, pentesters, and OT managers.
10 advanced cyber security courses, powered by itrainsec, cover multiple areas from applied threat intelligence to AMR reverse engineering will upgrade, inspire, and simply thank your security team. Your IT and OT specialists would gain both deep theoretical and practical skills in a positive networking atmosphere.

• Our trainers are well recognized across the global cyber security community
• We customize each of the courses to the group objectives
• Entry levels from moderate to advanced
• On-premises, online, and full event training programs available

The list of the advanced security training programs includes:

• ICS security training
• IoT – Exploit Development
• Automating bug hunting
• Automated Intelligence analysis
• Reverse engineering

• ARM reverse engineering on 32-bit and 64-bit
• AWS kill chain
• Hunting maliciousness using DNS
• Android intro into exploit development

In addition to a bunch of training for IT and OT security professionals, there are courses to upskill top executives, as the most common targets of cyber criminals.

OPSEC for C-levels

This training goes beyond the purely technical level and the professional environment. It provides the necessary awareness related to operational security (OPSEC), based on real examples, and an action plan to minimize the exposure to current and future attacks. The adoption of OPSEC-friendly practices is a big asset to mitigate all kinds of future potential trouble, both at a personal and company level. After the training, our students will:
• Learn how to measure current and desired levels of exposure
• Use of tools that help to mitigate OPSEC-related risks
• Practice new skills on real case scenarios
• Gain basics of physical security and build an individual security emergency action plan

Threat Intel training

Threat Intelligence has its roots in traditional Intelligence analysis. From one side it is a useful tool to understand and deal with the ever-growing complexity of the threat landscape. On the other, unfortunately, it is usually poorly used or understood.
This elite training by industry experts shows in a realistic and applied way how to get the most from Threat Intelligence. Attendees learn how to collect, analyze and use Threat Intelligence-related data, tools, and frameworks. In this training you will get the unique experience from our trainers that, with real life and very hands-on scenarios, will show you how to effectively conduct threat hunting, incident response and how to apply the insights to the protection of a particular network. After the training, our students:

• Understand how to distill the high amount of data and transform it into intelligence
• Threat hunting and adversary profiling
• Threat Intelligence frameworks and sources of data
• Use all this data in different scenarios for defending, IR and forensic analysis

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