Sababa Advanced Security Training

Cybersecurity develops fast, and so should your security staff. According to ISACA 2022 State of Cybersecurity Report, on average, only 6% of candidates for cybersecurity roles are well qualified for the position they are applying to. In this scenario, IT security leaders face a major challenge, which is that of developing and improving the skills of their employees.

To keep up with the extremely fast pace of cyber-attackers, traditional security awareness programs are not enough. On the contrary, more technical and specific training is needed to fill the knowledge gap. In addition, the rising demand for cybersecurity positions brings up the issue of retaining the staff, who could easily find other opportunities even with a limited experience behind. What to do then?

A tailor-made advanced training program for cybersecurity experts aimed at developing expertise and proficiency in complex hacking techniques is the ideal approach to upskill and retain your security personnel.

Sababa Advanced Security Training, covering multiple areas – from offensive security to crisis communication – will upgrade, inspire, and simply thank your security team.

  • Improve knowledge and skills of IT and cybersecurity professionals
  • Extensive catalogue of courses with a focus on OT security
  • Customizable on client needs
  • Get access to EC Council certifications with unique OT Sababa expertise
  • Engage IT employees’ to improve talent retention

Sababa Advanced Security Training course catalogue is split into three functional areas, involving synergic partnerships:

  • Offensive security training: learn from our team of pentesting team how to assess, monitor and protect hybrid infrastructures in IT/OT/IoT/IIoT environments by hacking them
  • Enriched EC-Council training: attend one of the popular EC-Council courses enriched with unique Sababa Security expertise and obtain the certification
  • itrainsec training programs: choose between a selection of courses from our partner itrainsec, which connects top cybersecurity experts and businesses through education

Offensive security training

Learn advanced cybersecurity skills directly from the Sababa Security offensive security team. Being highly qualified in ethical hacking in IT/OT/IoT/IIoT environments, our pentesters can provide a variety of courses on how to secure hybrid (cloud and on-premise) infrastructures, as well as ICS devices populated ones.

The offensive security training offering includes:

  • Advanced OT courses – customised courses on cybersecurity for industrial automation and other OT devices, with a focus on protection systems, Secure Network Architecture and best practices
  • Offensive security OT – customised courses focused on how to hack and harden ICS and other OT systems with live exercises

Enriched EC-Council training

Sababa Security is a proud partner of EC-Council – the world’s largest cybersecurity technical certification entity. We offer a unique selection of their educational programs for anyone interested in obtaining certification for one or more of their popular ethical hacking courses.

Moreover, our team provides additional content and training. For example, the EC-Council program can be customised and enriched with Sababa’s renowned expertise on OT security.

The training programs cover ethical hacking, penetration testing, cloud and network security, and more, and include EC-Council final exam and certification.

itrainsec training programs

Sababa Security partners itrainsec – a cybersecurity training organisation which connects companies with internationally recognized cybersecurity experts all over the globe. The selection of their training programs complements the Advanced Security Training offering:

  • OpSec for C-Levels: learn the relevance of operations security and how to implement practical measures based on your needs, using technical tools and mitigations in real-world scenarios with a focus on physical security
  • IoT – Exploit Development: go from zero-to-hero by building complex memory-corruption exploits and debug processes for real-world IoT devices, as well as bypass exploit mitigations and many other IoT devices hackings
  • Crisis Communication – data breach mitigation strategy: gain a deep understanding of the nature of cybersecurity incidents and learn the decision making process, management and communication strategies to mitigate business and reputation impact during corporate crisis
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