Sababa Awareness

According to the recent Sababa Awareness Report, 21 out of 100 users, regardless of their role, commit unsafe actions in front of a suspicious email, such as clicking phishing links, downloading attachments or even submitting credentials. This happens because – leveraging the right combination of emotions and lack of situational awareness, people are often easy to manipulate.

Phishing and other social engineering techniques leverage the human factor to get information that is supposed to be personal and confidential, like passwords, usernames and other sensitive data. This allows attackers to set foot inside the organization’s infrastructure, leading to significant damages.

A key step to build the necessary awareness is training, intended as the transfer of competences within an organization. To be as effective as possible, training should have the right balance between theory and practice, as well as minimize the user’s distraction from the daily work routine.

Sababa Awareness is a cloud training platform designed to help companies gaining and enforcing cybersecurity competencies without impacting regular business operations. Conveying notions by using real-life examples, the lessons are short and compelling, addressing a wide range of topics – from the most generic to the most specific for different roles and needs.

The platform can be customized according to the company’s own look & feel and it includes constant progress tracking to make sure that the information acquired is transformed into everyday habits.

  • Apply theory to job roles with a combination of generic and specific content modules for different teams;
  • Ensure that skills are acquired using the built-in phishing simulation tool and add-on social engineering simulations;
  • Track progresses and spot weak links with reports and dashboards on the platform;
  • Relieve the effort and customize your training leveraging our additional Managed Service Agreement

Social Engineering simulations

Sababa Awareness is built on a proprietary taxonomy of social engineering attacks. The platform simulates 432 possible attack types that are built on a combination of the emotion manipulation attempts empowered by additional triggers, such as sense of urgency or an authoritative sender.

Content Modules

Sababa Awareness provides training modules both of general interest and specific for key functions of the organization, such as Marketing, Finance, IT, Legal, OT and more. Modules can be combined to craft a unique training experience for different teams, providing exactly the cybersecurity culture they need.

Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform helps organizations to manage the training effectively. Employee lists can be easily onboarded with a bulk file or via LDAP protocol, and organized in groups (such as departments or Bus). The dashboards and reports help training managers to keep track of the progress of each employee, assign them new modules and set up phishing campaigns.

MSP Ready

Sababa Awareness is also available in an MSP version. The multi-tenancy allows the management of multiple customers from a single interface, while the white-label option helps MSPs enforce their brand within their customer base.

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