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Lack of common cybersecurity skills and daily habits among non-IT teams can cut to zero all your efforts and technologies in use. Over 90% of cyber security incidents started with phishing emails in 2019. Cyber criminals were mainly targeting marketing, accountant, legal and other non-IT teams that are easier to compromise. Whether a phishing message is massively targeting users or crafted for a particular person inside a company, it aims to make the potential victim to click a malicious link or attachment and open a back door for cyber criminals. However, there are other examples of human errors leading to corporate security incidents. These include usage of weak passwords, violation of physical security rules and more.

Sababa Awareness is an online training platform built on a proprietary taxonomy of social engineering attacks. The platform simulates 432 possible attack types, that are built on a combination of the emotion manipulation attempts empowered by additional triggers, like sense of urgency or an authoritative sender.

Sababa Awareness helps reducing human errors related to phishing and other cyber-attacks targeting humans – through development of practical cybersecurity skills and useful daily cyber security habits throughout the year. During the course employees learn how to recognize a phishing attack and properly react in case of a security incident. They also train their ability to build up strong security passwords, that are easy to remember, and many other skills useful in everyday life.
• Initial testing and program adjustment for individual level of every employee
• Continuous attack simulations during the year
• Regular practice based on true samples targeting your company
• Granular progress track and program correction to develop proper daily habits
• Highly customizable modules, including dedicated programs for SMM teams
• Optional platform management

Simulate a phishing attack to test your users

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Standard Security Awareness programs and platforms are great tools to level up the company resilience to acceptable standards. What are the next steps?

Security Awareness for SMM teams
Special e-learning or in-class module customized for each company with the in-depth analysis of specific social media risks inside an organization. It provides security awareness fundamentals and face-to-face lessons and targeted exercises. We help to creation of documented risk management processes related to social media marketing.

Tailored Training modules
Make the training 4 times more effective by using the familiar corporate interfaces for password policy, VPN clients, smart working guidelines, multi-factor authentication and other policies and procedures. Choose a standard SCORM format or a dedicated platform access with custom modules. Not only the corporate look & feel, but also the content is defined together with the customer, so the customized SCORM module property rights transfer to the customer.

Adversary simulation
Combine penetration testing and social engineering techniques to test how resilient your teams are. Our red team tries to outsmart your colleagues to bypass your security like a real attacker would do. We provide a comprehensive report with detailed remediation plan at the end of the activity.

Interactive protection simulation
Interactive protection simulation is an exercise that places business decision makers and IT security teams into a simulated business environment. The participants face a series of unexpected cyber threats, while trying to maximize profit and maintain confidence.

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