Sababa Innovation Program

Sababa Innovation Program

Customized security for big goals

It can be challenging to implement innovations in a secure way. Sababa Innovation Program is aimed to help companies, transforming their business with new technologies, gain a tailored security solution, designed based on their specific requirements within 5 steps.

Identify the requirements

We make audit of your infrastructure and help you to identify your needs and define technical requirements of the future solution.

Scout for innovations

We are searching for suitable technologies and startups via open calls and tech scouting across the globe.

Validate the PoC

We validate the candidates from the short list across business and technical parameters to choose the best fitting solution.

Test the solution

We help conducting pilot testing in the client’s environment.

Integrate into infrastructure

Finally, we support you during the solution integration into your network.

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12/05/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1

"The Role of Educaion in Cybersecurity: Women's Perspective"