Vertical solutions

Vertical solutions

Companies are actively transforming today, introducing new digital technologies into their business. In addition to multiple benefits and competitive advantages, they also extend the attack surface by multiplying potential entry points for cyber attackers. However, there is no one-fits-all solution, as each vertical has its own industry-specific priorities and requirements.

While data confidentiality is key for traditional IT security, top priority for critical infrastructure is process integrity and continuity. Moreover, some security issues can be difficult to address properly and timely – for example, when it comes to pirate broadcasting – and it can demand expertise in multiple areas to put together appropriate strategy and build up practical countermeasures to block illicit activity. Finally, new technologies, like drones, create new usage scenarios, and require different security approaches, including cyber-physical protection.

Sababa Security provides a number of solutions applied to specific fields, like media streaming, critical infrastructures, IoT and others, to protect and support your business on the way to innovation.

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