Sababa Broadcast Security

Sababa Broadcast Security

Convert illicit users to legitimate subscribers

22% of global Internet bandwidth is used for online piracy, and this figure is growing 30% YoY, as it is difficult to stop illegal broadcasting in real time. In cooperation with major telco providers and specialized legal support, Sababa Broadcast Security helps you scout, block and takedown illegal sources of content.

Discover the source of illegal activity

Sababa PAT (Piracy Adversary Team) can analyze the deep web and darknet for you to identify pirate activity, monitor the evolving illegal services and scout for new sources of illegal content. Then it directly contacts pirates to collect and map the adversary’s intelligence like technologies used, payment process, stream content and other.

Prepare countermeasures

Supported by specialized legal advisory, Sababa experts help you set up technical countermeasures for the case of emergency. When the next illegal translation starts, the pirate sources, accessed both directly and via VPN, are taken down and blacklisted in real time. You can follow all the detailed information collected about the incident with legal investigation.

Get your users back

Sababa Broadcast Security helps you set up customized marketing campaigns to convert illicit users into your legitimate subscribers.