Fly Zone Defender

Fly Zone Defender

Stop drone intrusion

Drones are widely used and not always for good. Attacks on critical infrastructure, spying on private objects, unauthorized video recording at public events can harm enterprises, individuals and environment. Made in Italy, Fly Zone Defender provides cyber-physical protection against civil drones.

Various usage scenarios

It can be integrated into smart home systems and protect property. Modular system can be installed around a critical infrastructure object perimeter and integrated into its security system. Fly Zone Defender can also be installed on cars, buggies and other mobile systems to protect complex perimeters like those during public events.

Detect, classify and limit

Fly Zone Defender detects moving objects with the laser scanning technology in its lidars and radars. It recognizes drones via analysis of video, based on neural network. If it detects an alien drone, it classifies it and sends a jamming signal to make the drone go back home or carefully settle it down.

Portable management

The Fly Zone Defender is managed from a computing platform, based on gpu-server, which is portable and easy to move. You can choose a marine or a wheel edition to adapt it to specific field conditions.

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