Industrial BOX

Industrial BOX

Time to review industrial security

Whether you have a critical infrastructure object or a small manufacturing business, you need it to work non-stop and properly. Sababa Industrial BOX is a fully compatible and compliant solution, specifically designed to protect industrial networks. It allows you gain visibility into industrial processes and protect OT networks without overloading your IT security team or looking for OT security talents.

Gain network visibility

Sababa Industrial BOX maps all devices, protocols and sessions and makes network model visualization through passive scanning of OT network traffic. It constantly monitors technological parameters to understand processes and handle incidents, and sends alerts in case of topology changes.

Detect known threats for SCADA networks

Including PLCs, RTUs and other industrial protocols. Detect vulnerabilities in industrial software and hardware, and create whitelist and blacklist rules manually or based on predefined policies. Due to built-in ML capabilities, including retrospective analysis & OT anomaly detection, Sababa Industrial BOX can recognize the normal network behavior and spot out complex attacks.

Incident monitoring

Sababa Industrial BOX monitors devices connected to the OT network in real time and visualizes their activity and associated incidents. Its SIEM module integrates with external systems and allows reports export.

Management and additional services

Sababa SOC can manage your OT security separately or alongside your IT security, so you can benefit from earlier attack detection and response, due to correlation between events for both IT & OT networks. Industrial assessment and penetration testing help you identify the existing security gaps and timely mitigate the risks. Consulting services and incident response packages are available.