Play and Learn: Practical Tips for Successful Security Awareness Training



with Virginia Puleo (Sababa Security)

When you have a clear objective of spreading awareness among teams inside your organisation, you can easily come across different levels of technical skills and understanding of cybersecurity challenges. Moreover, you have to deal with users engaged in many diverse daily activities.

Training people in cybersecurity is not just a matter of providing a ton of information and hoping that they will digest it, it is about behavioural changes too. And one of the most efficient ways of doing that is by actively engaging users. Within this perspective, findings show that gamification positively impacts on learners’ ability to recall, retain and make practical use of the training content, leading to faster and more notable results.

Join the session to discover:

Recent updates on Sababa Awareness platform
What training modules are available and how to conduct simulated phishing attacks from the platform
Practical tips on how to engage your corporate audience and spread the culture of security awareness inside the company


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