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Every Wednesday some time after lunch we sit down to talk about corporate cyber security from different perspectives.
We call guest speakers, colleagues from cybersecurity, and just friends to look at how diverse companies are, and therefore, how challenging it can be to find the right security solution.

During every session we pick up a security technology, training, or service, and learn why it is useful and how it works. We also highlight how this technology can empower your SOC.

- Live demo during each session
- Giveaways to guests, including a book of our choice to the best question of the session

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02/12/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1


16/12/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1

ICS Security - Where To Start?

13/01/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1

Incident Response - Start the New Year with the Cybersecurity Emergency Plan  

Fight the Unknown: Block Newly Born Malware with Secure DNS
21/10/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Giovanni Bertella (Sababa Security) and Geert Baudewijns (Secutec) The newly born malware can be difficult to detect, as it is not yet recognized by antispam, firewall, or proxies. However, 91% of malicious apps, documents, and websites communicate with corporate DNS servers to steal data or redirect traffic to malicious sites. During the session we will talk on how to overview traffic going through DNS and block new malware.

Empowering Security Operations with Network Detection Response
28/10/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Riccardo Sepe (Sababa Security), Matt Walmsley and Claire Loffler (Vectra) Join Sababa Security and Vectra, the leader in AI powered NDR as they show how the combination of threat research and machine learning enables you to see and stop threats before they become breaches. This session will include a live demonstration of Vectra Cognito NDR platform which immediately detects and responds to cyberattacks in cloud, data centre, IoT and enterprise networks.

A New Architectural Approach to Web Browsing
04/11/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti (Sababa Security), Ravi Pather and Nigel Willis (Ericom) "If we cannot isolate OT networks from the internet, let us make web browsing cyber safe", - this is what one of the largest Italian companies told us when we started the project. And this is how Sababa Security scouted for Ericom and its Remote Browser Isolation solution. Join the session, where Sababa Security and Ericom present a refreshing new architectural approach that would eliminate the threat and attack vector of browsing via an endpoint.

Security Awareness for non-IT Teams
11/11/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti and Pietro Daloisio (Sababa Security) and Christian Martorella (itrainsec / Skyscanner) Why does corporate security require contribution from every employee across an organization? How can you develop useful cyber security skills and daily habits among non-IT teams? Why C-level managers are the most targeted individuals in the company? Answering these and other questions during the session.

Security Is Nothing Without Controls
18/11/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti, Alfonso Danese and Marco Pasetto (Sababa Security) While companies grow, their infrastructures get more and more complex. As a result, an average company may gain a few security technologies, including firewall, endpoint protection, proxy, network security and more. While the technologies can be properly configured, up and running, and the security policies, passwords, and user administration rights properly managed, the IT and OT networks can still be exposed to security breaches, if nobody is monitoring their security systems. During the session you will learn, what is a “yellow zone” and why it is a perfect place for a cyber-attack to incubate. You will discover, that the security technologies you are already using, can be enough to protect your company, and find out how you can boost their effectiveness with 24x7x365 security monitoring.


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