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Every Wednesday some time after lunch we sit down to talk about corporate cyber security from different perspectives.
We call guest speakers, colleagues from cybersecurity, and just friends to look at how diverse companies are, and therefore, how challenging it can be to find the right security solution.

During every session we pick up a security technology, training, or service, and learn why it is useful and how it works. We also highlight how this technology can empower your SOC.

- Live demo during each session
- Giveaways to guests, including a book of our choice to the best question of the session

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07/04/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1

Sababa Awareness: MSSP-readiness and other updates 

14/04/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1

Zero Trust Security by Ericom

21/04/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1

The Role of Education in Cybersecurity: Women's Perspective

Fight the Unknown: Block Newly Born Malware with Secure DNS
21/10/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Giovanni Bertella (Sababa Security) and Geert Baudewijns (Secutec) The newly born malware can be difficult to detect, as it is not yet recognized by antispam, firewall, or proxies. However, 91% of malicious apps, documents, and websites communicate with corporate DNS servers to steal data or redirect traffic to malicious sites. During the session we will talk on how to overview traffic going through DNS and block new malware.

Empowering Security Operations with Network Detection Response
28/10/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Riccardo Sepe (Sababa Security), Matt Walmsley and Claire Loffler (Vectra) Join Sababa Security and Vectra, the leader in AI powered NDR as they show how the combination of threat research and machine learning enables you to see and stop threats before they become breaches. This session will include a live demonstration of Vectra Cognito NDR platform which immediately detects and responds to cyberattacks in cloud, data centre, IoT and enterprise networks.

A New Architectural Approach to Web Browsing
04/11/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti (Sababa Security), Ravi Pather and Nigel Willis (Ericom) "If we cannot isolate OT networks from the internet, let us make web browsing cyber safe", - this is what one of the largest Italian companies told us when we started the project. And this is how Sababa Security scouted for Ericom and its Remote Browser Isolation solution. Join the session, where Sababa Security and Ericom present a refreshing new architectural approach that would eliminate the threat and attack vector of browsing via an endpoint.

Security Awareness for non-IT Teams
11/11/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti and Pietro Daloisio (Sababa Security) and Christian Martorella (itrainsec / Skyscanner) Why does corporate security require contribution from every employee across an organization? How can you develop useful cyber security skills and daily habits among non-IT teams? Why C-level managers are the most targeted individuals in the company? Answering these and other questions during the session.

Security Is Nothing Without Controls
18/11/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti, Alfonso Danese and Marco Pasetto (Sababa Security) While companies grow, their infrastructures get more and more complex. As a result, an average company may gain a few security technologies, including firewall, endpoint protection, proxy, network security and more. While the technologies can be properly configured, up and running, and the security policies, passwords, and user administration rights properly managed, the IT and OT networks can still be exposed to security breaches, if nobody is monitoring their security systems. During the session you will learn, what is a “yellow zone” and why it is a perfect place for a cyber-attack to incubate. You will discover, that the security technologies you are already using, can be enough to protect your company, and find out how you can boost their effectiveness with 24x7x365 security monitoring.

Managed Detection and Response
25/11/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti (Sababa Security) and Marco Barbieri (Sangfor Technologies) Traditional methods and effects of killing virus based on virus feature database are facing challenges. On the one hand, the detection and killing of new viruses has the features of passiveness and hindsight. On the other hand, due to the limited number of local virus signature database, the increased number cannot keep up with the speed of mutation of known virus samples. Therefore, antivirus basically relies on cloud detection and killing, which will lead to its detection ability drops sharply in an isolated network environment. During the webinar you will learn how intelligent detection provides insights into the nature of cyber threats, how to locate the infected endpoints and contain known and unknown cyber threats on time, and how enterprises can benefit from the EDR integration into their own or Sababa SOC and what additional value they can gain.

2/12/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti (Sababa Security) and Rebecca Lennartz (VMRay) How do you deal with suspicious files? One option is to block and forget about them. The other one is to allow their execution and monitor what happens next. The newest Sandboxing solution allows to explore any suspicious files in a safe isolated environment, while the analyzed software does not even realize that it is running within a sandbox. During this session Sababa Security and VMRay will talk about the Sandboxing based on an agentless hypervisor approach, that is both very fast and scalable for the companies of different sizes and maturity.

ICS Security - Where to Start?
16/12/2020 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Riccardo Sepe (Sababa Security), Omar Morando, and Vladimir Dashchenko (Denexus/itrainsec) Industrial objects are neither isolated, nor air gapped anymore. Instead they are a part of a bigger infrastructure, where OT and IT networks, public areas, and even home offices can be interconnected. As a result, OT networks are vulnerable to the same threats, including cyber, physical, and cyber-physical. During the webinar you will get a deeper understanding of those threats and learn the difference between security approaches applied for IT and OT environments. You will also get the vision on the steps required to ensure cyber safety of the industrial objects across Energy, Transportation, Water Utility, Manufacturing, and other industrial domains facing the challenges introduced by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Incident Response - Start the New Year with the Cybersecurity Emergency Plan
20/01/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti (Sababa Security) Security incidents happen anyway. However, the severity of the security incident disruption depends on how well prepared the attacked company is. Sababa Incident Response is a complex set of measures aimed to prepare the company for a security emergency scenario and restore its normal operation disrupted by a cyber security incident as quickly as possible. To make it possible, ideally companies need to act in advance and have their cyber security emergency plan all set before any critical situation happens.

Is Your Company Cyber Safe? - Find Out with Security Assessment
27/01/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti and Riccardo Sepe (Sababa Security) Whether your company is going to extend its IT network, revamp its OT infrastructure, or improve in any other way, Security Assessment should be the first step on the way of change. During the webinar you will find out what is Security Assessment and what companies need it, learn about the methodology and some practical aspects of the process, and understand how it helps to find the vulnerabilities unique for your organization and define the associated security risks.

Penetration Testing: How Strong Is Your Cyber Defense?
10/02/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti and Riccardo Sepe (Sababa Security) You do not have to wait for a real cyber-attack to check how strong your security is. Instead, you can be proactive and evaluate the existing security mechanisms of your IT and OT networks, applications, and other areas. During the webinar you will learn what is the best time to evaluate the existing security measures, what areas can be subject to pentest, and what is the process.

Active Directory Hardening - Time to Clean Up the Mess
17/02/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Olga Orlova and Riccardo Sepe (Sababa Security) Active Directory (AD) is used by over 90% of companies worldwide. Therefore, it is one of the most common targets during cyber-attacks. For example, NotPetya malware, which spread through Active Directory in 2017, caused approximately $10 billion damage globally. During the webinar you will learn what are the indicators to understand it is time for AD hardening, and what you can do to prevent cyber-attacks through AD.

10 years of SOC - live interview with Enrico Orlandi
24/02/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Olga Orlova (Sababa Security) and Enrico Orlandi (HWG) Join the exclusive interview with the CEO of one of the biggest Italian SOCs Enrico Orlandi. During the session you will learn how an Italian company managed to become the SOC of 15+ central banks around the globe, what are the SOC competences and why it is so difficult to keep SOC internally. You will also earn how to differentiate a mature SOC from a young one.

Extending Security into the Airspace
03/03/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Hedi Marcassoli (Sababa Security) and Markus Trostel (Dedrone) Drones are widely used and not always for good. Attacks on critical infrastructures, spying on private objects, unauthorized video recording at public events can harm enterprises, brands, individuals, and environment. Join the webinar on cyber-physical security, that extends into the airspace. During the session you will learn why no site is immune to drone attacks and why traditional security is helpless against drones, how to assess your perimeter for cyber-physical threats, and how to protect against drone intrusion.

Digital risks 2021: how to identify and mitigate new types of scam
10/03/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Olga Orlova (Sababa Security), Giulio Vada and Dmitriy Tiunkin (Group-IB) Fraudulent schemes targeting brands online are constantly evolving, both in terms of social engineering tactics and technology. Nowadays, targeted advertising, traffic generation, and personalized content are not just tools for digital marketing but also weapons that fraudsters use to profit off your brand. Join webinar to learn about fake accounts and payment pages, malicious emails and data leaks, and how to properly protect yourself against them.

Dissecting SolarFlare and How to Detect Future Supply Chain Compromises
17/03/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Hedi Marcassoli (Sababa Security), Vittorio Veronesi and Claire Loffler (Vectra) In December 2020 it was revealed that SolarWinds Orion, a popular network management platform, suffered a supply chain compromise. In the weeks that followed 18,000 organizations learned that they were infected by the malicious update, and numerous other vendors had been compromised. In this webinar, we will dissect the supply chain attack, discuss the progression of SolarFlare and how it evaded detection for so long and review strategies to detect future supply chain infections.

The State of Industrial Cybersecurity In Italy
24/03/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti (Sababa Security) and Paola Girdinio (Start 4.0 Competence Center) During the session you will learn what drives industrial cybersecurity in Italy today and what are the current and upcoming strategic projects of the Start 4.0 Competence Center. You will also hear an expert opinion on the state of resilience of critical infrastructures.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response with Sababa MDR
31/03/2021 16.00-17.00 GMT+1
with Alessio Aceti and Matteo Oliveri (Sababa Security) and Giuseppe Coppola (Sangfor) Sababa MDR provides managed detection and response to SMB organizations, thanks to the EDR technologies by Sangfor combined with our own SOC expertise and threat management capabilities. During the session you will learn about the Sababa MDR use case scenarios and see how to manage the solution on the client side as well as on the behalf of an MSSP.


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"The Role of Educaion in Cybersecurity: Women's Perspective"